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The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge

Sometimes the problems of the world seem so large. So I love it when organizations and bloggers come together to ask for a small donations that will make a big difference.

I just donated my $5. Somewhere around the world two kids will have shoes to wear. If you can help please click the link. The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge.

It’s that easy and yes it truly does help. It took me 2 minutes.

Pretty busy weekend. Lot’s of fun with the family.

  • Yesterday we met John & his daughter at Alamo and watched Madagascar 2. Good flick and fun times. 
  • MY tickets are booked for Raleigh. I will be there late Dec 3rd and fly out mid-day Dec 7th. Can’t wait to see everyone. I feel like I’m going home and seeing family. 
  • While in Raleigh I will be hanging out with Tyler Jones of Vintage 21 and sharing my passion for HELP. Hoping Tyler become a board member and helps us raise MILLIONS for global poverty. 
  • Of course I can’t wait to see my friends from Visio Dei.  Jeff Ramsey and Jason Gore and the Gore babies. Praying Aidan will be home when I arrive-pray with me. 
  • Of course I’m super-stoked to see all the old Sacred peeps. I miss them all. 
  • 3 days is not enough. *sigh*
  • This is a BIG week for HELP. I gotta stay focused and crank some to-do’s. Prospectus, 501 c3, power-point presentation etc. 
  • I’m hoping in the next month-or-so to share the vision of HELP to 3 key churches. All of these churches are highly missional and influential. 
  • I spent some time last night working one minute presentation. If I have one-minute to share the HELP story what would I say that will peak interest and action. Love…Hope..Story & Movement. More to come. 
  • After church we hit up a local hiking trail in our neighborhood. Ran/Walked 2.6 miles. I needed that. Doctor called me fat last week 🙂
  • Necole and I still want to adopt-a-child. Pray for us. .
  • Texas still has a chance to play for the national title game, sorry Charles. Can an outsider say HOOK’EM???? Go horns. 
  • I rooted aginst the Raiders and for the Panther today. 
  • Hoping the Lakers kick the Rocket’s butt tonight. 
  • Necole and I are making some BIG decisions soon. Pray for us. 
  • Tribes by Godin is really good. Do yourself a favor and read it. 
  • Chandler is helping me transition from So excited!!! 
  • Love the ESV Study Bible. Even though I still have arminianism still flows deep in my blood; Although Romans 8 IS KILLING ME RIGHT NOW. 
  • I’ve now achieved a few milestones:
  • Milestone #1: Posted 1000 times on this blog. Milestone #2: I “tweeted” 2000 times last week. 
  • Milestone 3:  I don’t check stats much. (4-9 times a day-JK) but I decided to have some blog goals about 6 months ago. Technorati, daily readers etc: A few weeks ago I reached my little goals. It goes to show if you put your mind to do something it can be done. 
  • Thanks to those who read, comment, link and share this real and virtual life together. 

I had the privilege of meeting and hanging with JR. Woodward last month here in Austin. My good friend and unfortunate Denver Broncos fan is planting a new church here in Austin, I serve on the board (i feel powerful) and JR is the church planting coach for the Austin Mustard Seed. So we got to chat about church, culture, non-profits etc. 

JR has done the global church a true service as he compiled a massive resource of all things missional. This list is quite impressive and will be very helpful on many different levels. So swing by JR’s blog and and enjoy!

Below are some links from fellow pastors in regards to President Elect Obama. 

Bob Roberts Jr: Obama – Our President – Support Him

Jacob Vanhorn’s thoughts on Obama here.

Jonathan Dodson critiques Obama’s victory speech.

Nathan Gilmer wanted McCain to win but has these thoughts now.

Nick has some great post-election thoughts.

Anne Jackson encourages us to stop whining and start acting. I agree. 

Scott McKnigh offers a prayer for Obama.

Driscoll post some of his thoughts here.

John Piper has some good thoughts on the election.

via YouTube – John Piper’s Heart in the 2008 Election

First let me say this…I would commit to these 4 principles no matter who won last night. This is about our country and my passion to see us prosper and serve each other and the world. We have so much potential and possibilities. 

Michael Hyatt posted some great thoughts that I think are helpful and Biblical, I will do my best to follow them.

18 years ago a black family took me to a church camp. A black preacher shared his testimony and led me to Christ and told me I was called to ministry. (I had no clue what that meant at the time)  That black family took a homeless kid into their house. Fed me, loved me and shared their life with me. 

17 years ago I stood at a funeral as my black friend was gun-downed in a drive-by shooting…20 years ago I stood at another funeral, as another black friend was killed by cop…why…well I won’t go there.

I heard their stories…I felt their pain. I had an inside view. 

For me tonight is not about politics or policy. Its about people. I remember walking in my great grandpa’s closet and I saw the KKK gear hanging. I was ashamed. 

I will pray for Barack Obama. I hope he does well and honors God and serves humanity. But tonight is bigger then politics, or Barack. 

America took a huge step forward tonight. Can we not take a step-back and thank God for all that we’ve overcome? Yes, we still have a long way to go…But for now let’s be thankful that we’ve been able to take steps in the right direction.

So today there’s going to be a lot of people who are disappointed with tonight’s outcome. I think many Christians forget that God places those he chooses to be in authority. I know that is hard to understand and I wish God would yank the plug on many leaders like Mr. Mugabe.

No matter who wins tonight. My job is not to complain but to pray. I pray for Obama or McCain. I will ask God to give them wisdom and to make choices that will make the world a better place, even if I have to sacrifice for that to happen. 

I respect both of these men and I also disagree with them in many areas. But at the end of the day my job is love Christ and people. Simple, but hard. 

The one thing I like is the fact that history will be made tonight. Mrs. Palin or Mr. Obama will break-through some key social barriers and I think that is awesome. 

America is not perfect, but I love my country and I pray that somehow God will use us to be a blessing and a gift to humanity.

Learning to trust God is quite complex. Sometimes I treat God like a bag of microwave popcorn. I want everything now…But Jesus does not work that way. The Gospel is about transformation, but usually that transformation is slow and the process can be grueling. 

My prayer yesterday was “Lord help me to learn how to trust you one-day-at-a-time.” For most Americans this is not easy, but for many in the world this prayer is not optional. Yesterday I woke-up with some anxiety; today I woke-up with a deep sense of peace. The difference: Trust…I know God us building character and stretching my faith. 

What area’s of your life do you need to trust God?