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The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge

Sometimes the problems of the world seem so large. So I love it when organizations and bloggers come together to ask for a small donations that will make a big difference.

I just donated my $5. Somewhere around the world two kids will have shoes to wear. If you can help please click the link. The 50,000 Pairs in 50 Days Challenge.

It’s that easy and yes it truly does help. It took me 2 minutes.


I had the privilege of meeting and hanging with JR. Woodward last month here in Austin. My good friend and unfortunate Denver Broncos fan is planting a new church here in Austin, I serve on the board (i feel powerful) and JR is the church planting coach for the Austin Mustard Seed. So we got to chat about church, culture, non-profits etc. 

JR has done the global church a true service as he compiled a massive resource of all things missional. This list is quite impressive and will be very helpful on many different levels. So swing by JR’s blog and and enjoy!

First let me say this…I would commit to these 4 principles no matter who won last night. This is about our country and my passion to see us prosper and serve each other and the world. We have so much potential and possibilities. 

Michael Hyatt posted some great thoughts that I think are helpful and Biblical, I will do my best to follow them.

JR. Woodward took some time yesterday to hang with Austin Area Church Planters Network. We had a great time chatting about church and mission. JR. Shared his story which included moving from Virginia to Hollywood to launch Kairos Church.

Jonathan Dodson took some notes along with Charles Whitmire.Aust

From Dodson blog: 

JR will be releasing a book on this stuff called Re-sketching the Church in 2009. Here is an endorsement of the forthcoming book:

“That we need to recover the lost ministry ethos embedded in Ephesians 4, I have no doubt – the missional effectiveness of the church in our time depends to a large degree on this. JR is a sound, practical, and uncommonly wise, guide on this topic and one with ample practical experience in planting churches and leading ministry with the fivefold gifting in mind. A great study guide.” – Alan Hirsch, Author of The Forgotten Ways and The Shaping of Things to Come.


If you’re a fan of Austin. (which you should be) Then you will enjoy this this blog post by AustinCast which Includes 13 of the top technology blogs in Austin. As I browsed many of the mentioned bloggers it gave me a good snapshot of Austin and where are fine city is heading.

Perry Noble shares how he develops his messages. Speakers are always trying to learn and increase their communication and the speaking process. It’s part of the learning curve that seems to last a lifetime.

Click Here.

So their are many lucky folks who are hanging in NYC attending the bad-out Q Conference which starts today. (they ask me to speak this year but my schedule was tight *wink*) So for those of us who could not make it; we can follow the conference via Eric’s blog and DJ’s Twitter feed.

If you are blogging at the Q today please let me know and I will add your link. This is almost as exciting as Macworld-but not quite.

Every Friday I link to my favorite blog post of the week. Enjoy!

Why Aren’t Your People Inviting Other People to Attend Your Church? by David Foster.

Boyd Bettis is interviewing some current church planters.

Mark Batterson posts on the four dimensions of courage.

Ministry in 2018: 12 Trends Affecting You Now by Rev Magazine.
Dan Kimball has a great post on the The Importance of Definitions.

What Shane Claiborne Would Say To Church Planters via Dave Ferguson.

Each Friday I hope to post my 5 favorite blog posts of the week. Blogging is a grassroots effort and we all rely on other bloggers to “pass-on-the-love” sorta speak. So below are my 5 favorite posts that I read this week. Enjoy.

I’m really digging Craig Groeschel post on doing ministry in The Second Decade.

Scott Hodge gives us a compelling reason why we should keep things simple in our churches. I can’t agree more.

Church Relevance has a good post on 10 Big Concerns in America for 2008.

Church Planting Novice shares The What and How of Church Planting (from Luke 9).

Ragamuffin get authentic with this post.

I get consistent emails from various unknown folks asking me to add their blog to my blogroll. I’m never sure what to do as these emails come out of the blue. I hate saying no and I’m always honored when other bloggers add me to their blogrolls. This usually happens after multiple comments or email conversations between two parties, somewhat of a “blog-friendship” is developed or I actually know the person in real life-another words they added me and I did not beg them.

Anyhow, for you other creepy bloggers who are highly seeking your next Technorati breakthrough do all of us a favor and stop pimping your blog to total strangers. Please try and build some sort of friendship and reader loyalty before you send the random email that goes like this:

“Hey I read your blog today, cool stuff…I have a blog also, here is the address: Do you mind linking me to your blog, that would be great.”

What do you say to that?

Of course for those of you who for some reason read my blog and deal with the 4th grade grammar and crappy spelling let me say a big “thanks” to all of you. If your interested in a friendship and you want me to add you to my blogroll I would gladly do that, just let me know.

I RSS most of my readers so I can keep up with their story, pray for them, root for them and maybe someday we will meet and be able to do cool things for God and our world or at least “virtually” encourage each others journey. These are the folks that go on the blogroll which I will update in the next week or two.

I would hate to see the emails that the big boy bloggers get like (Carlos, Swerve & TSK )

Again thanks for reading and from now on I can refer to this post when the creepy blogger emails come into the inbox 🙂