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Yesterday I posted about Mobile Office  phenomenon that has taken place across the globe. Creatives come together and collaborate informally in local third-places. I love the fact that I can be out with people, drink good coffee and have a sense of community. 

But of course there is always the downside. 

1. Money: Some days I can spend to much money. $3.50 latte, $6.50 sandwich etc. It adds-up quickly. However, I also feel a responsibility to the cafe. I won’t sit at a cafe, use their restroom, energy etc and only buy a cup-of-coffee. I also make it a point to have multiple meetings so the local cafe can create more cash-flow from me. 

2. Table-Hog: We’ve all seen that guy who takes the large table. Spreads out like it’s his personal space, and stays all day. This guy SUCKS!

3. Phone Guy: OMG, dude…please stop talking so loud. This is a cafe not your corporate cubicle. I’ve told multiple people to be quiet. This gets on my nerves like no-other, especially if he has blue-tooth device. I hate those things.  

4. I forgot my headphones but still want to watch or listen to my laptop guy: Two days ago there was a guy watching ESPN highlights on his comp, no earphones…amazing. I gave him the “you’re so lame” look. 

5. I’m a loser and want to talk guy: Serious…I’m working…Headphones over-the-ears…Busy…Don’t tap my shoulder again. I don’t want to answer your questions or talk right now. 

6. The opinionated guy: Last year I almost got into a fight. Some guy saw my sticker that says “poverty sucks.” So he taped me on the shoulder and said, “poverty is a choice,” Oh snap!!! I went-off on him, eventually he apologized…But I was furious. 

What did I miss? There got to be more.


Yesterday I posted about the pro’s and con’s of the working from home. Today I want to share some of the practical ways to enjoy working in mobile environment. 

With the advancement of technology and the start-up businesses culture of the past decade, the mobile office has become the norm. Coffee-shops went from being a third-place for community to being a legitimate mobile office solution for businesses owners.

Of course change happens in all environments as we look to constantly improve. So we now have a new movement of mobile office folks who are now spending time in various coworking hot-spots across the globe.

For the most part I’ve officed from coffee-shops for the past 6-7 years and I love it. But there are some key issues that must be resolved first. 

1. Creative Environment: Not all coffee-shops are the same. I want to be in a location that sparks motivation and creativity.
2. Space: Is their significant space? There is nothing worse then showing-up and not having a table. So I like places that have adequate space.
3. Internet: If the wifi is spotty, I just have a hard time trusting that I can be productive. Therefore I tend to avoid these places.
4. Coffee: If the coffee stinks…I’m not going…Enough said. 
5. Gotta have some quality headphones. I use Shure Headphones. Basically when I wear my headphones, I hear nothing but the music. I can feel connected to everyone but not bothered by the constant distractions.
6. Barista: They have to be friendly. I won’t go to places that has aloof workers.
7. Proximity: I usually go to places that have a lot of other options nearby. So I can schedule lunch appointments close-by and cut-back on my travel and save time. 
8. I really enjoy places that have indoor & outdoor seating, solid tables and chairs and big cushy chairs. I need to switch-it-up a bit and this helps.
9. Wall Outlets: Serious…Gotta have a lot.
10. Food: It helps if they serve some-sort of simple lunch.

Of course as a consumer, I feel like I have a responsibility to the cafe. I will talk about that tomorrow.

I love being a pastor and I love starting a non-profit that fights global poverty. But I really miss the business world, being around those people who are creating the future and pushing the so-called envelope. I miss networking, dreaming and of course all the complaining.

Austin has a huge tech industry which includes many start-up companies and other corporations that are relocating (Paypal) or opening satellite offices such as Google. Everywhere you go there are creatives dreaming BIG about some venture they have.

Of course my first thought is this: How will the local church engage this culture? How do we become a church that is creating the future for these great business leaders to follow? How can we pitch-a-tent in the middle of the marketplace and serve these businesses and these leaders? Help them reach their goals and let them know that the church and Christ is for them not against them.

Here’s what I’m thinking:
1. Office out of cafe’s. Yes their are downfalls…But one thing is for sure-you won’t connect with people if you’re in some church office.
2. Could Vista move to a permanent co-working environment? We could literally run a church while doing life with the business/creative class and possibly cut expenses.
3. Could we start a company, make money for the Kingdom and be on-mission?
4. Could we ask some key families to re-locate in key areas and engage that community?
5. Start a cafe/pub that has events and educational opportunities for entrepreneurs, creatives and social entrepreneurs.

Here is a link to The Austin Emerging 100. This will give you a snap-shot into what’s happening.

What thoughts do you have? How can the church reach the creative business community?