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We finally have our new Facebook page for Help End Local Poverty. Please do us a favor and go there now, join and invite all your friends. We need your help. Thanks for being a part of this tribe. Together we can make a difference.


If you’ve read this blog over the past year you know I have a passion for global engagement. Necole and I keep asking ourselves how can we become “global citizens?” What does that look like and how can we do it with kids? 

HELP is our pathway to the globe. It’s our passion. So I thought I would give a quick update.

We’ve slowing gained some momentum. We FINALLY got our paperwork moving forward thanks to the help of Keith. We’ve been able to raise some cash and send it to Zimbabwe. Thanks to Strobe our branding is very good and Wade is working on some key marketing stuff. And we now have online giving.

My prayer lately has been this. God give me a tribe of 1000 passionate people who desire to end poverty and are willing to work and sacrifice to do. 1000…It starts with 3 then 12, then 120, then 1000. I want this to be a global tribe. Austin, Raleigh, Sac-town & Seattle…Cape Town, Harare and Cairo…On and on.

FYI-To find out more about Tribe read Seth Godin new book. Its good read that I think it very important to understanding future leadership principles. 

So daily we work little-by-little to get the flywheel spinning. Below is a quick overview of the flywheel theory by Jim Collins

Buildup-Breakthrough Flywheel: Good-to-great transformations do not happen overnight or in one big leap. Rather, the process resembles relentlessly pushing a giant, heavy flywheel in one direction. At first, pushing it gets the flywheel to turn once. With consistent effort, it goes two turns, then five, then ten, building increasing momentum until—bang!—the wheel hits the breakthrough point, and the momentum kicks in its favor. Our comparison companies never sustained the kind of breakthrough momentum that our good-to-great companies did; instead, they lurched back and forth with radical change programs, reactionary moves, and restructurings.

What’s your dream? Don’t stop pushing!

It was a pleasure to chat with Charles Lee on the phone today. Charles is a pastor of this church in LA and he also is the co-founder of Just One. They are doing some great things for the Kingdom as the help the orphan, fight against human-trafficking and serving their local community through some refreshing and creative outreaches. I really enjoyed hearing his story.

I was finally able to hammer-out some long overdue to-do’s for HELP. Feels good to have it done.

A few friends have asked me to post my link to last week’s message at Vista. I’ve received some great feedback. I pray it’s blessing. Although I would consider the message to be a bit raw. Not my usual style of speaking. You can click here for the message. 

And finally…The Lakers are BACK. Tonight..Can’t wait.

Scotty finished-up our biz cards.

As most people know I’m really passionate about HELP. I can work all day and all night. I love it. But I wanted to make something very clear. My passion is not for a non-profit, it’s not about aid, its not about traveling to exotic locations in order to live some “Indiana Jones” kind of life. My passion is the local church. Sometimes I wish I did not care so much about the local church but the burden is deep and the call is evident

This is why HELP’s desire is to partner with churches both locally and globally. We want to do everything through the local church. We want Jesus to get the fame and the church to get credibilty. We desire to do “good works” so we can share the gospel story, so the light of Jesus will shine deeply in the darkest places and provide hope and resources. When we build an orphanage or dig a water-well, when we give micro-loans and train future indigenous business leaders and pastors, when we pass out nets to protect against malaria or support local kids so they can be fed, clothed, housed and educated. We do this for and in-the-name of Jesus.

The church will be the pathway to long-term health and healing. We just want to partner with key leaders who need support and encouragement. Therefore Help End Local Poverty is just an extension of the local church.

I love meeting new people and hearing stories. Today I met with Nate Navarro at Thunderbird Coffee (not only do they do coffee-art, they also have french-press)  Nate is one of the worship pastors at Austin City Life. He also has a new album, go check it out.

I love his heart. He wanted to hear about HELP and our vision and how he could help us, my kinda-of-guy. I’m sure we’ll be able to partner in the future so we can love our city and help those who live in extreme poverty. Fun times. 

Back to to my french press coffee. Yummy!!!!

Brandon Hatmaker is a fellow Austin pastor and friend. He posted some thoughts on a talk Jim Collins gave at catalyst last week. Good To Great is one of my all-time favorite books.

I love this quote:

Within every organization or company that is great…you will find a culture of discipline.

My wife asked me the other day what is the one thing that will stop HELP from becoming a great organization. My response was fear. Fear of the unknown, fear that my life will require faith, fear of being in dangerous situations, fear that God will not provide just because the economy is in shambles.

Fear is the constant enemy of faith.

I still  think fear is my foremost enemy. But a close second is discipline. Please don’t misunderstand discipline for work-ethic. Discipline to me is this: Am I doing the right things at the right time with the right people that will create the necessary results that I desire? If I can answer yes to the first question then I have one more question. Can I sustain “it” so the momentum can run it’s course and cause the fruit/results I want to see?

It takes a very disciplined organization to create that scenario. It’s easy to work long-hours, but still get nothing done. It’s easy to live in chaos and lose focus. It’s easy to side-tracked & bogged down by all the issues that every organization has.

An undisciplined culture usually is thwarted by sideways energy. Dreams can be lost in this reality. Time and resources are wasted. And eventually the vision slowly dies.

It takes discipline to focus on the big picture and it takes discipline to sustain it.

At this moment in my life I know I’m not ready to lead a first-class organization that will honor God and make a deep impact in culture. Hopefully, by God’s grace this will change. My next post will focus on some simple ways that I think will make me a better leader.

We’re continuing our efforts for Hurricane IKE relief. Below are some picks that Studio 914 created for HELP and Vista this Sunday at church. 

Its early Monday morning. I just spent time doing some devotions (hate that word) and getting my kids ready for another week at school. Usually I write my blog-posts on Saturday. But not this week. 

I was having a phone conversation last week with a friend about HELP. He wanted to know my vision for the organization. I told him more then anything I want HELP to bring glory to Jesus.  I know a lot of of non-profits shy away from theology and mission. They become incognito Christians. I get the “why” behind this philosophy as I’ve wrestled through the same set-of-questions. 

Here is my conviction. HELP is not just about social justice. It’s about the church doing what we are called to do. Which is to love people with a deep sense of conviction and sacrifice. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I want Jesus to become famous through this organization. My hope is that people won’t hear the love of Jesus, but they will see the love of Jesus through the action of His followers. 

The church gets so much bad press and for good reason. It drives me crazy because the media tends to focus on all the negatives that the church-world creates. 

So my prayer for HELP is that we might help rewrite the script of what people think of Jesus and His church. That being said I really think many people who don’t consider themselves Christians will still take part in the organization. When we serve local/global communities their will be “no-stings-attached” to our service.

So in short-when we leave a project or community. I want those people to know that Jesus showed up through a bunch of imperfect people. I want them to know that we loved, served, sacrificed and worked hard.  Why? Because we care.

Yes we can bring food and shelter or maybe even clean water. But at the end of the day if we don’t bring Jesus-then we’re just another aid organization. And my conviction is simple-the cross is what will change everything. So let’s pick-up our cross and walk in the darkest places of the world and pitch-a-tent and love people in the name of Jesus.

Jeff is currently working with a church that may donate this trailer to HELP. We could use it for disaster relief projects. HELP has a large scale global focus. But we also want to Help End LOCAL Poverty, so disaster relief is one way to bless our community/region/nation. 

Please say a prayer…