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Some changes are coming to my blog. So please change your RSS feed to:

My URL will stay the same. I’m switching from to .org




Occasionally here at Simply Missional I like to introduce you to some possible new bloggers that I’ve been following. (new to you not me) The best thing about the blogging world is not the content but the people behind the content. 

Charles Lee is a pastor, teaches at Life Bible College and also runs a non-profit. But for some reason I don’t think he’s all that busy. I’m going to be chatting with Charles next week on the phone. Looking forward to that. 

Brandon Hatmaker is a local Austin pastor and also leads a non-profit. Brandon just planted his church in the past year and they are doing some really good work here in Austin. 

Nick Asolas has become a great virtual friend. Here is what I love about Nick, he takes on challenging topics like politics and he’s not afraid to share his thoughts. Nick is a youth pastor in AZ and their church does a ton of social justice work. 

Todd Hiestand is a pastor in the Philly Suburbs. Todd is a voice for the organic church in suburbia. His writing is reflective and thoughtful. 

Aaron Ivey is one of the worship pastors at the Austin Stone. His blog is creative and his passion for the Kingdom is contagious. He’s also a musician and has adopted some kids from Haiti. 

Jonathan Dodson is also a church planter here in Austin. I know I’ve put Jonathan on my “new bloggers” list before. But I truly think his blogs (he has three) are refreshing, practical and insightful. 

John Chandler is a friend that I met through the blogging world a few years ago. He just moved from Seattle to Austin to plant a new faith community. The only downside to John is the fact that he’s an avid Denver Bronco’s fan. This is not easy for Raiders fans like me. 

What bloggers are you following…Leave the URL in the comments.

Somehow this little ol’ blog made the Alltop – Top Christian Blogs list-which is a web endeavor of Guy Kawasaki. Pretty exciting to say the least. Lot’s of blogstars are on this list and I gotta tell you I think they made a mistake when the added me 🙂

Now it’s time to write a book. SIKE!!! 

  • Vista was very unique today. I felt like I was a different church. Let’s just say it was mellow.
  • Props to the band for dealing with a last-second change. Those guys work hard.
  • Leaders truly set the tone for Sunday morning. It’s vital for us to be focused and organized. I need to do better.
  • I think Vista is dealing with a deep spiritual battle at the moment-it’s time to fast & pray.
  • I need focus a bit more this week. I feel scatter-brained.
  • I’m still hoping to make it to San Diego for the Total Church Conf. We shall see.
  • Here is my dream of a church.. Amazing Sunday, Missional Communities across the cities and Global Impact. That’s it.
  • Pastors must teach people to feed themselves. Anything other then this is worthless.
  • Some Christians are still mad at me. My friend told me to learn how to deal with it, I think he’s right.
  • Friday I was up all night thinking about sin and brokenness. Our world needs the gospel.
  • I really want to finish my education. I just don’t feel like I have any ability to focus.
  • I’ve had multiple people tell me to write a book lately. These are people I love and respect. Thank God for editors.
  • When I write-Information comes quicker then I can type. I hate editing. Therefore I tend to write sloppy. I need to fix that.
  • I can’t wait for August to be over. I hate this month.
  • I promise next year I will spend a LOT of time in Cape Town and Alaska/Seattle. I mean it. Can’t deal with Austin summers.
  • I miss Africa. Can’t wait to return. I hope Cape Town can become a sort of “second city” for me and my family.
  • My daughters are amazing. I love them so deeply. Not sure I communicate to them how much I care. There is no “one-word” to define the depth.

Hope you’ve had a good week. Thanks for reading Simply Missional. BTW-This weeks posts are going to be great.

Warning: Everything on Simply Missional is usually of the stream of consciousness variety. I consider this blog a virtual living room where people can come and dialog and hopefully learn. Many of these conversation go a bit deeper via IM, Email or *gasp* one-on-one connections. I write with a sense of improv-sure I think first, but for the most part I want this blog to stay raw and I don’t want to be any sort of guru where folks flock to find some magic-wand of momentum and power that will cause their church to grow leaps and bounds. I’ll leave that for the mega-bloggers and folks who actually know what they are doing…

In the meantime I can’t thank-you enough for those who have made this blog a place of community. And no I won’t have Mr. Linky show up soon.

Well they may not be new bloggers, but they are new to me. These are some blogs I’ve been enjoying lately and I think you will too.

Aaron Ivey: You may know Aaron from the band Spur 58. I saw Spur play in Houston with Ashdown and I loved their show. Not sure how I found Aaron blog but it’s a good one. Check it out.

Jonathan Dodson: Jonathan is a legit theologian who is planting a church here in Austin. Great dude who thinks missional and hangs out at the cool kids coffee shops on a daily basis which causes bitterness in my soul…But I love this dude and I know God is going to use him in big ways. Plus when I have questions on theology I have someone to call 🙂

Missional Heart: Erick Bauman in involved with the Origins Community in NYC. Again this dude has a great heart and it shows through his blog. Love following his journey in NYC. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do through Erick. I think he may be starting a new church in NYC? 

Creativityist is a blog by John Chandler. It’s all about productivity. Good read that can be very practical for all things ministry and life. John will be moving to Austin to plant a church this summer. That being said it was a bit painful to add him to this list. Why? Because he is a DENVER BRONCOS fan. Go Raiders. 

Spence Smith is a Nashville blogger who works with Compassion. I love Spence’s authenticity and heart for kids in poverty. Also this blog has a lot of balance. Personal, ministry, tech, travel and culture. Check it out.

Texas in Africa is a local Austin blogger who works in Education as a Prof. I love her humor, very witty writer who crosses many boundaries including travel, politics, church, local Austin vibe and of course Africa. She even gave me some helpful advice before I took my first trip to Africa last year. 

Eric is an executive pastor in SoCal. Plus I had to get West Coast representatives on this here blog. Love Eric’s blog. He has a different perspective then most blogs. Very beneficial to the missional conversation as a pastor who serves God in the so-called second-seat. Which is a vital position in the church world. 

Pete Wilson is another Nashville blogger. Pete is the Lead Pastor of a local church in Nashville that is running close to 2000 folks. (according to his bio) That being said…You would not know that Pete is a mega-church pastor from reading his blog. I love that. He does not seem to be some “guru” of all things church. Plus his blog spans many boundaries and Pete seems to have built a nice community on his blog. I know Pete is humble because he posted a video of his wife kicking his butt in a “hold your breath” contest.

Stuck in Customs is a photography blog based here in Austin. Some amazing pics. Dude travels the world and I think he runs a video game company here in Austin. Great blog with some amazing pictures. 

Lot’s of bloggers from the Southeast. What’s up with that? Anyhow…These blogs will encourage you and help you gather some wisdom on this journey called life. 

Now I need you to help us out…What blogs have you been reading lately?  

As I get older I keep asking myself important questions. I want to make sure that my life is on the right track. So today I have a question for the Simply Missional community.

“How do you know the gospel is the center of your life?”

Any thoughts?

I started my first blog in 2003. Last November I made the switch to wordpress and launched Simply Missional. To my surprise I’ve really seen this blog grow in readership. But more then that, I’ve seen this blog build a virtual and in-person community of friends who are on a journey to serve Jesus and understand the church.

I break all the blogging rules. I’m random, my grammar stinks and I’m not a “mega” anything.  I consider this blog a snippet into my life. A normal dude who pastors a normal church and has somewhat a normal life.

I say all that to say this…Last month I hit the 50,000 page views in the past year. (trust me, this is not a lot) and this week I will hit the 1000 comments milestone. So for all of you who hang out, leave comments and share life here at Simply Missional, I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the encouragement, friendships, dreams, dis-agreements and more importantly, thanks for striving to love God and serve this generation.


I get consistent emails from various unknown folks asking me to add their blog to my blogroll. I’m never sure what to do as these emails come out of the blue. I hate saying no and I’m always honored when other bloggers add me to their blogrolls. This usually happens after multiple comments or email conversations between two parties, somewhat of a “blog-friendship” is developed or I actually know the person in real life-another words they added me and I did not beg them.

Anyhow, for you other creepy bloggers who are highly seeking your next Technorati breakthrough do all of us a favor and stop pimping your blog to total strangers. Please try and build some sort of friendship and reader loyalty before you send the random email that goes like this:

“Hey I read your blog today, cool stuff…I have a blog also, here is the address: Do you mind linking me to your blog, that would be great.”

What do you say to that?

Of course for those of you who for some reason read my blog and deal with the 4th grade grammar and crappy spelling let me say a big “thanks” to all of you. If your interested in a friendship and you want me to add you to my blogroll I would gladly do that, just let me know.

I RSS most of my readers so I can keep up with their story, pray for them, root for them and maybe someday we will meet and be able to do cool things for God and our world or at least “virtually” encourage each others journey. These are the folks that go on the blogroll which I will update in the next week or two.

I would hate to see the emails that the big boy bloggers get like (Carlos, Swerve & TSK )

Again thanks for reading and from now on I can refer to this post when the creepy blogger emails come into the inbox 🙂