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We finally have our new Facebook page for Help End Local Poverty. Please do us a favor and go there now, join and invite all your friends. We need your help. Thanks for being a part of this tribe. Together we can make a difference.



Hello everyone,

I’m a big fan of Twitter. And I’m very excited to announce that HELP now has it’s own
Twitter Page.

Please click the link and follow-us. It’s gonna be a great journey and this is just another way you can be involved and help contribute.

I’ve really enjoy Twitter. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of folks. For some reason I feel more focused when I feel more connected. Social Media helps me work harder and enjoy the work more. For some that may sound strange. For me social media gives me energy.

But their is a downside. NOISE. Sometimes blogs, voicemails, emails, twitter, facebook, myspace and iChat can create a real sense of discombobulation.

So I’ve adopted a term that was created by Todd. *wink* 

Airplane Mode. *OK maybe some cellphone company created that term* There are moments throughout the day that I’ve got to focus and silence all the distractions. Moments where I complete tasks and focus on key priorities. 

Social Media is good, but it can also become a negative. I’ve learned If I don’t control it-it will control me. So now I feel more balanced in my approach to social media. Rhythm 

If you Twitter or Facebook. My links are below. 

Twitter / ChrisMarlow

My Facebook

I’ve created a Facebook page for Held End Local Poverty. You can click here to join. I need two more to reach 100 fans. Help me out. We are working on a new campaign as we speak. But for now this will have to do.

We’ve also created a few wallpaper designs. For that go here.

You can sponsor a kid in Zimbabwe through Servlife. Go do it now. 

I’m currently in conversations with some high-powered organizations about future partnerships. We truly can make a significant impact in our world if we choose to do so. 

House Shows: I’m looking for some key people who would be willing to take the message of HELP to their local cities. Basically this person(s) need to be willing to show a video and share a story to a group of people. I’m working on some material as we speak. I would like to book at least 100 house shows across the globe in 7 days starting this January/Feb. It’s gonna happen. 

We are also working on a huge fundraiser for next April. Sell your junk and fight global poverty. More info to come.

Why do I Twitter & Facebook? I get that question a lot. Some say it’s a waste-of-time. Others say it’s not authentic community.  While others love it and a few (or many) are addicted to social media. 

This is why I love Facebook and Twitter. 

1. Hearing other people’s stories gives me energy and focus. I love it.

2. I dig getting an inside look in another person’s life. It become holistic, I get to see the good and bad, the ups and down’s. Usually people don’t hide behind social media. Actually I think they become a bit more real. 

3. Vision: I love casting the vision that God has given me. And I love hearing the vision God has given others. Their is a connection. If not for social media, I would not have the time to keep up with so many friends. 

4. Prayer: I get a chance to pray for people often. I know things I would have never known, because of distance and or time. 

5. Learning: I get a chance to learn from others. 

6. Networking: When I accept a Facebook friend. I also get a chance to become friends with their friends. I get a chance to invest in their lives and hopefully they can invest in my life. 

Rules: We all need rules to live by so we don’t take a good thing and make it bad. So here is a rule-just because Facebook has a million applications-spend your time in what matters most. I try and stay away from all the junk that can waste time. I don’t care about pirates or ninjas and all that stuff which I consider the “bad.” Also, don’t replace social media with face-to-face interaction. (the ugly) 

I could go on. Yes their are negatives. But all-in-all I see social media as a benefit that if used right can become a healthy aspect to community and relationships.

BTW- My facebook page is here and you can follow we on Twitter here. I’m looking forward to getting to know those who read this blog a bit better.