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I’m not sure if most people understand the devastation the city of Houston & Gulf Coast is currently facing. Its truly tragic and we really need to respond. Millions are without food, clean water and power and the government is overwhelmed.

This morning I got an email from a friend and fellow Austin pastor-Brandon Hatmaker. Brandon pastors Austin New Church and also leads a non-profit called South Austin Cares. Brandon and his church community is currently housing over 70 displaced folks from the Gulf Region. He’s also taking trailers filled with food, Ice and Gas to Houston.

Help End Local Poverty & Vista are going to partner with Brandon to provide practical needs to the people of Houston. We would love for you to also help us if you can.

This afternoon Mangum, Nate and myself took some supplies and cash that was donated. This Sunday @ Vista we are going to take a love offering. If you live close to Austin we could use LARGE gas cans, ice chests, diapers (new) and cash donations (South Austin Cares will have a way to donate online soon.) You could also send a check to HELP (make checks out to Vista Church) or you can drop off a check at the Vista office. 100% will go directly to those in need in Houston.

Also, if you want to take a trip to Houston to help in the clean-up effort please let me know. Not sure when this will happen…But I’m sure it will happen.

We hope to take another load of supplies and donations next week. Any questions please let me know.

Let's Fill This Trailer With Supplies

Let Fill This Trailer With Supplies

Let's Fill This Trailer With Supplies

Lets Fill This Trailer With Supplies



  1. thanks for your partnership Chris! We’ll be heading out for trip #2 at 5am Wednesday morning… more to follow. Vista is truly making a difference… hey waddaya know? North Austin Cares…. too!

  2. I would love to help you all with the clean up efforts. I live in Bakersfield, Ca. The only way that I could help is with my body and my hands. But I would need help in getting down there, transportation wise. But I can give myself and lend a helpful hand in cleaning up where its needed. I will be waiting to hear from you down there. If you need my help or you don’t. Please let me know. Thanks, Alicia

  3. Alicia,

    Thanks for wanting to come. I lie in Austin. If you can find a way to get down I can connect you with some folks.

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